Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove games from the list of completed games?
Yes, just click on the x to the right of the finished games list.
How does practice mode work?
You can play single rounds offline. Practice mode is available to premium users.
Why did I lose the game before all rounds were completed?
If you don't make any moves within 72 hours your opponent will be judged as winner.
I forgot my password. What can I do?
Click on 'Forgot your password' on the login screen and you will get an email with a link to reset your password.
Can I remove friends from the list of friends?
Yes, on Apple devices just swipe your finger over the name in the list and click on the delete button that will appear. On Android devices just push and hold on a friends name.
Premium is gone after I reinstalled. What can I do?
If you reinstall Ruzzle or maybe install it on more of your iOS devices you can activate premium on the purchase page in the app. If you reinstall on an Android device please make sure to choose Ruzzle. Not Ruzzle free.
Where did all my old games go?
Currently you can only see the last ten games that were finished. The games are kept for a maximum period of one week.
What is ranking?
We calculate your ranking based on an ELO ranking algorithm. Simply put, when you beat other players your ranking will increase and when you lose against other players your ranking will decrease. How many ranking points you win or lose depends on your opponents ranking.
I lose a lot of games. How can I improve my score?
Make sure that you use the bonus tiles as much as possible. The TW and DW tiles are the most powerful ones.
Can I view the tutorial again?
Check under settings / help. You get to the settings page by clicking on the top right corner of the start screen.
My friends have much cooler profile picture than I do. How can I change mine?
Check under settings. In the account settings view you can change your profile picture too.
What is the difference between free and premium versions of Ruzzle?
In the free version you can only have a limited number of ongoing games. In premium you get access to unlimited number of ongoing games, a lot of statistics and possibility to see all words on the board after finished round
How can I block users who are using profane language in the chat?
If you send us a screenshot of the chat we will shut down that user's account.
I cannot register a Ruzzle account. What am I doing wrong?
Try a different user name. Someone else might have already registered that user. Add some numbers to it to make it unique. For example "JohnDoe1234" instead of "JohnDoe".
How can I change my user name?
At this moment you cannot.
I cannot purchase Ruzzle premium on my iPhone or iPad. It says -"In-App purchase not allowed".
You can change this setting yourself. Open the phone/Ipad Settings. Click on Restrictions and set In-App Purchases to "On"
I cannot spell words when I play. It only shows one letter at a time and it disappears when I tap on the next.
You need to swipe your finger across the screen to spell the words. Don't tap each letter.
My statistics are gone. How can I get it back?
You probably played a game in another language. Please try to to change it back by clicking on "Start New game" and then on the language button.
How can I use my Facebook profile picture?
Check under settings. In the account settings view you can choose to connect to Facebook and then use that picture.
I paid for Ruzzle. Why do I still have the free version?
If you are using an Android device, remember to click on the Ruzzle icon. Not "Ruzzle free".
After the latest update on my Android device Ruzzle doesn't start. What's wrong?
Please uninstall and download the app again.

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